Optimal Bees er officielt sponsor til Danish Business Pavilion

Dubai, UAE | December 2020

Den danske erhvervspavillon er glade for at kunne annoncere partnerskab med Optimal Bees.
Bekendtgørelsen øvrige indhold findes alene på engelsk for indeværende.


OPTIMAL BEES is a danish producer of OPTIMAL Climate Beehives and provider for OPTIMAL sustainable and efficient beekeeping, bee product standards, marketing and sale. We offer

  1. Hardware OPTIMAL Climate hives
  2. Software OPTIMAL Seminars of sustainable pesticide free beekeeping
  3. OPTIMAL Lizenses content support keeping OPTIMAL Standards
  4. Support for Marketing and Sale
  5. Bee implantation consulting and projects for pollination or re-/ naturation of broken landscapes

The OPTIMAL Concept Green and Gold will enable you to set new OPTIMAL standards in sustainability, bee products quality and higher honey price up to 500 € per Kilo and even more. It will guide you to link sustainability with a boosting economy!

Optimal Bees

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OPTIMAL Climate Hives

  • Bee adapted stable inner climate, dry and well tempered
  • Protection against mold, parasites as Varroa Mites, deseases, virus
  • Perfect climate for sustainable beekeeping free of chemical treatments. 
  • Seminaries for sustainable beekeeping
  • Healthier and stronger bee families by living in their adapted climate. 
  • Scientifically founded, practically tried and tested since 2012.
  • Magazin hives or hives with drawer magazins for easy beekeeping and public institutions.
  • Ready to set up or as DIY Do it Yourself Kit to build up at your place
  • Monitoring system and advice how to interact with bees
  • OPTIMAL basis for your sustainable projects of beekeeping and re-/ implementation of pollination. 
  • For extreme climate zones and regions, protecting your bees from extrem weather, hot, cold, humid, wind, sand and aggressors. 
  • Less bee losses, more pollination, more crops, worth of billions
  • The reed gives home to bee helping symbiontic insects that live with the bees providing their health.
  • More honey and bee products quality up to gourmet and medical standards.
  • Sustainable materials wood and northern reed of highest qualitiy level.
  • Fair production and trade, discount from 10 hives.
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  • By OPTIMAL Beekeeping Seminars you enable people to become beekeepers and sell their own OPTIMAL Quality bee products
  • Beekeeping by OPTIMAL standards will lead to OPTIMAL Quality Honey 
  • This leads to high quality and well paid products boosting your economy
  • So you can Lizense with OPTIMAL BEES
  • OPTIMAL Quality Honey Lizense will lead to unique selling prepositions
  • OPTIMAL Lizense supports you to open up new sustainable markets for organic bee products such as honey, pollen, wax and propolis on a higher level  for cosmetical, medical and gourmet markets. 
  • Increasing biodiversity and plant growth reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Save money for increasing CO2 certification amounts.
  • Create long lasting values. Re/ implemetation of nature by sustainable beekeeping stops nature of getting worse and loosing its values
  • such as life qualitiy, recreational, agricultural, real estate value
  • attract high valuable people with education and motivation important to any economical growth.
  • OPTIMAL BEE Projects will raise the values of your home, city, region, nation and company
  • Stand up for food. OPTIMAL Green and Gold Concept provides food and empowers people to their own income.
  • Re/ implementing bee pollination for nature and human crop plants will lead to jobs and prosperity. 
  • OPTIMAL projects will create an upwart spiral by creating more and more prosperity for you and your people.
  • Show your own culture by appreciating your countrie’s preserve nature and culture plants by saving them today and for future generations.

The immense value of nature, biodiversity and all its blessings are to provide worldwide by wise and fore looking statesmen and leaders.
Expo Dubai 2021 gives us a great place to network! 
Watch out! Your vision Green and Gold will come true by OPTIMAL support.

Optimal Bees