The Coffee Souq er officielt sponsor til Danish Business Pavilion

Dubai, UAE | December 2020

Den danske erhvervspavillon er glade for at kunne annoncere partnerskab med The Coffee Souq.


Bekendtgørelsen øvrige indhold findes alene på engelsk for indeværende.

Coffee makes the world go round, and now the new sponsor to the Danish Business Pavilion, The Coffee Souq, will make sure that visitors and corporate members can stay fueled and can keep going during the Expo 2020 thanks to their delicious, sustainable coffee.

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities in the world. This leaves a big impact on the environment and climate, so it is important that it’s produced in the most sustainable way. The Danish Business Pavilion is proud to announce a sponsorship agreement with The Coffee Souq – a Danish e-commerce company based in Dubai that specializes in delivering premium quality coffee that is sustainable and environment friendly, at very affordable prices.

With more than 20 billion capsules and pods used on a yearly basis across the world, there is a huge waste saving potential. “Recycling is essential to lower the environmental impact of our consumption today. The Coffee Souq offers an easy return capsules system for our clients to ensure the highest possible level of recycling. We have also introduced compostable capsules, meaning the capsules can go into home composts or food bins, leaving no footprint on the environment”, explains xxx, xxx from Coffee Souq.

About: The Coffee Souq was founded in early 2019 by Jesper Nielsen, providing a wide range of products from coffee beans to coffee capsules, coffee machines to accessories, gourmet chocolates and more. The Coffee Souq has its own coffee brand and also sells premium quality coffee products of other international brands like Caffeluxe, CoffeeRoots, Imping, Slow Coffee etc which are now available in the UAE exclusively at The Coffee Souq. The coffee capsules are either compatible to Nespresso or Dolce Gusto, making it fit for most homes and those who love a perfect home brew can choose from different varieties of whole beans and ground coffee.