The Future is Floating

“Our goal is to create affordable sustainable floating housing communities. We bring life to former industrial areas until these are ready for urban development, and stay on site after the development has taken place or move to a new site via the water.”

Lars Funding, Peter Mayntzhusen, Urban Rigger ApS 

21. december 2020.



The URBAN RIGGERS are moveable and flexible. They can be designed in numerous ways for various purposes, needs and budgets and can be placed anywhere with water access.​


URBAN RIGGERS increase the livability of cities by offering not only individual apartments, and individual riggers but also entire floating villages with life, activities and culture. ​


The design and architecture of the URBAN RIGGERS is highly original in many ways. From clean energy solutions, and focus on responsible consumption and shared resources, to the emphasis on strong communities, URBAN RIGGER promotes creative solutions that encourage a sustainable life style. ​ ​


An affordable home is a rare possibility today in most capitals and big cities around the world, especially for the increasing number of singles or couples living apart. People who live alone or lose their job are most often forced to move out of the city. Affordability is defined as spending less than 40 % of disposable income on housing. URBAN RIGGER offers centrally located affordable homes for people of all ages and needs. ​


An URBAN RIGGER uses the smartest technology available to reduce our carbon footprint. The energy system regenerates the energy from the surrounding seawater. ​


Through design, architecture, communication, and activities we strengthen and nurture the community between the URBAN RIGGER residents. It takes a village to encourage a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. The participatory design approach encourages residents to take ownership and responsibility for their local community and environment. That benefits not only the individual resident, and the URBAN RIGGER community, but also the surrounding environment. ​


Use of former industrial harbour areas: The two first generations of URBAN RIGGERS in Copenhagen are located in a former ship yard right across the harbour from the Queens palace and the little mermaid. The huge advantage of placing URBAN RIGGERs in an area formerly used for industry is that the focus on community building through common facilities and activities instantly contributes to creating a vibrant and inclusive culture, making the area attractive and valuable for future residents as well as businesses. ​
Good health and wellbeing: Natural light, fresh air, access to nature and feeling of community and belonging are the most important elements of a healthy and happy life. URBAN RIGGERs offer fantastic views of sea water and iconic buildings at the same time, plenty of light, a beautiful apartment in good materials, room for a kayak or bike right outside your door, and common facilities and resources to share with the neighbors in the URBAN RIGGER family.